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Daytime Running Lights (DRL)


My 2011 Rogue has DRLs that have to be turned on by a the rotating switch on the headlight/turning lever. This is a pain as I usually forget to turn the on because, with my previous autos, they came on automatically.

My question: Is there a kit I can buy that will enable my headlight come on automatically when I start the car and thus become my DRLs?

If not, what’s my next move?

Daylight Running Lights do come on automatically. I don’t think you have them and you are turning on your actual headlights. A look at your vehicle manual should confirm that.

I have had the situation checked out, explained to me and it is as

Explained by who ? And again have you looked at your manual?

Someone who didn’t know what they were talking about:

The daytime running lights automatically illuminate when the engine is started with the parking brake released. The daytime running lights operate with the headlight switch in the OFF position or in the position. Turn the headlight switch to the position for full illumination when driving at night.

If the parking brake is applied before the engine is started, the daytime running lights do not illuminate.

The daytime running lights illuminate when the parking brake is released. The daytime running lights will remain on until the ignition switch is placed in the OFF position.

“The daytime running lights operate with the headlight switch in the OFF position or in the position.”
"Turn the headlight switch to the position…"
The position? What position is the position?

"Turn the headlight switch to the position for full illumination when driving at night."
Does the operator actually have to turn the full headlights on or will they go from DRL to headlights automatically as my GM cars do?

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There you go. Ask and ye shall receive. Check them out in your dark garage and if they don’t work, maybe the fuse is blown.

If you have the automatic on feature so they go on at night, you have to have the switch in the auto position is all I have to add.

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It seems to be an unclear picture of what the OP has. I don’t know of any DRL’s that have to be turned on every time the vehicle is started. I would suspect if the OP does what he thinks turns on his DRL that the tail lights are on also.

​OP here:

I have three switch positions on the turn signal lever, I quote from the

  1. Off
  2. Turn the switch to the =oo= position:
    ​the ***front park, ***side marker, tail, licence plate and instrument
    lights will come on.
  3. Turn the switch to the =0 position:
    Headlights will come on and all the other lights remain on.
    *I don’t consider these Mickey Mouse lights to be DRLs, but others may.

The above is exactly what happens to the lights when the switch is rotated
whether the car is running or not. The ignition switch or parking brake
positions have nothing to do with the situation.

I do not have fog lights installed. (Where they would be installed have
plastic blanking caps instead).

Again: How do I get the headlights (DRLs) to come on when I start the car?

Why in the world would not every car manufacturer make their vehicles like the leaders in automatic headlights/DRLs, GM?

They’ve had the system perfected for decades, standard on many models during that period.

They even lobbied the Feds to require it on all cars. They’ve done the work, compiled the statistics, saved untold thousands of lives (hard to actually figure just how many) with this wonderful safety system. What’s wrong with the Feds, anyhow (Never mind. I think I know)?

Like DruidDriver, I would have trouble moving into a vehicle without this feature. In fact, I wouldn’t do it. Cars without it wouldn’t be considered for purchase by me.

Do your lights all automatically go off when you turn the key OFF of when you exit the car, as mine do? If so, just leave the lights in the ON position.

I’ve long believed that instead of spending extra money for an additional set of lights and the circuitry, the system should simply be wired such that the headlights, taillights, and running lights are all on whenever the engine is running. There are situations in fog when having all the lights on would matter, and additionally I see many people driving at night erroneously thinking their headlights because they see the light from the DRLs.

I’m in favor of having the lights on always. I do not believe DRLs are the best approach.

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No, they don’t. I have to turn them off.

GM’s automatic lights would have you covered! Fog? No need to do anything. That small reduction in light will kick the system from DRL to full blown all lights on!

How do I know this? My family has been driving these cars for decades. You won’t see my cars on the road when a driver thinks he’s/she’s got all the lights on and they don’t!

GM has the system perfected!

I really don’t think you even have DRL’s on your vehicle. If you had them you would not have to do anything.

Edit; Call your local dealer and ask if they can add the DRL module to your vehicle. Also do a Google search for kits that might modify your low beams.

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Assuming you have headlight relays, you could just power the low-beam relay coil(s) from a source that is on when the ignition key is in the RUN position. An automotive electrical shop might do this.

You are ignoring the line in the manual that says that if you start your car with the parking brake on, the DRL will NOT come on. Try taking off the parking brake off and starting your car in park. If your DRL do not come on, your car is not working as your manual describes and you will have to find out wht.

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Your vehicle does not have daytime running lights unless sold in Canada. Your quote of the owners manual does not mention DRL. The next generation (2014) Rogue is equipped with DRL.


Your car is certainly not equipped with Daytime Running Lights. The definition of DRLs is headlamps that come on automatically with no action from the driver whenever the car is driven. Your car simply has a conventional headlamp system.

Your car may have some hardware for DRL installed from the factory. Call your local Nissan dealer and say “Hey, I’m moving to Canada where DRL is required for all cars. Is there a kit to install to make my car legal where I’ll be driving?”


Thanks a lot for the best answer yet!

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I still want to know who gave that wrong explanation.