Daytime Running Light problem in 2008 Civic

One of my DRLs was out, so I changed both per recommendation. The notification light on my dashboard went away, but now both DRLs are out. All other lights are working fine.

Are your DRLs your high beams? If so, do the high beams work correctly otherwise?

Very interesting question, Insightful. I just checked the car and the manual and the answer is yes to both questions. Which means I installed them correctly, right? TBH I never liked having DRLs anyway. But because it’s safer to have them I thought I should at least attempt to fix them.

Look at the instructions in the owner’s manual for a section on how to enable/disable the daytime lights. Not sure if such a function exists on your car, but if it does, you might have automatically disabled it by changing the bulbs, and now you have to press some button to enable it again.

I think your DRL module has failed. If it’s not a legal requirement, I’d fageddaboudit.

Have you checked the fuse?

The fuses for the DRLs also run the high beams, and they work.

George- I checked that when I first got the car because I wanted to disable them then, but unfortunately my car can’t do that.

Moutainbike- I haven’t. But I will probably just follow insightful’s advice and fuggedaboutit.

It’s your choice, but I should point out that numerous studies have shown that DRLs do prevent accidents by making you more visible to drivers who aren’t paying attention the way they should be. Some countries, Norway, Sweden, and even Canada, have made DRLs mandatory. Personally, I always drive with my lights on (I have no DRLs). The paradox of having prevented being hit by driving with my lights on is that while I’m confident that it probably has kept me from getting hit, I’ll never have any incident to prove it. If someone doesn’t hit me because they saw the lights, I’ll never know it.

In summary, it’s entirely possible that your DRLs have kept you from getting hit and you never knew it. I hope you reconsider and fix them.

What is it that you do not like about DRL. After all it is a proven safety feature.

I just don’t like how it looks. I am interested in fixing it though. Hence why I’m on here.

A video to show you the fix.

This page is from the 2006-2007 Civic FSM. Where is the DRL relay?

I just don’t like the way they look. (Statement by OP )

Lets see, you can’t see them from inside the car so I am going to go have a drink while I think about that.

I wonder if OP could disable the daytime headlights by removing fuse 21? Either that or that relay to the left of the headlight electronics boxes in the diagram thoughtfully provided by @insightful above. Some caution is in order when doing this type of experiment b/c those circuits may power other things too. Things you need.

Edit: This idea won’t work. See insightful’s post below.

No need to be disrespectful Volvo.

Fuse 21 and that relay power the low beams.

You are absolutely right @insightful, strike that idea.