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Daytime Running Lamps

1997 Silverado How can I disconnect my DRL (Daytime Running Lamps) ? The headlights are on all the time . I would like them to operate normally, by the switch only. The manual reads that you can set the parking brake with the truck idling and that will turn the headlights off. Maybe I can jump around or disconnect this switch on the parking brake?

Why do you wish to turn them off?

They have been shown to reduce accidents (nothing like a 90% reduction, but a reduction all the same) They will lower your mileage a little, but I defy you to measure it. They will burn out sooner, but not nearly as much sooner as you might think. On most cars they are slightly dimmer than the headlight setting and that increases the lamp life.

To answer your question, chances are there is a reasonable simple way of turning them off, but I don’t know what it is for your car. I know what it is for mine, but I have chosen to leave them on.

I agree with Joseph. My 97 Silverado is still on the original headlight bulbs with 140K.

You need to locate a wiring diagram for your vehicle (shop manual or internet search) and it should be a fairly simple matter from there…

Check for a DRL fuse,and remove it.

maybe this is the kinda person who doesn’t like having their headlights on during a rain/snow storm, when you can barely see 5 feet in front of you

If you find the fuse for the DRL you might want to check to see what else is on this circuit. My wifes car has DRL and when I had problems with the DRL you also didn’t have low beams on her headlights.

Thanks Grampy. The DRL fuse is labeled: DRL & fog lights. I have no fog lights. There are optional. The fuse was removed and my world is normal again…Red