2000 Toyota Camry turn signal won't work unless I put on the hazards

My turn signals sometimes will not work until I hit the hazard button, happens very rarely and after it works will happen after maybe a month or 2 of working normally.

I’d raise an eyebrow towards the multi-function switch.



Another idea, the turn signal flasher is powered via circuitry in the hazard switch, so it might be a problem with the hazard switch. If you can locate the G-R wire to the turn signal flasher, if it isn’t powered up with battery voltage when this symptom is occurring, good chance the problem is the hazard switch. Check the 7.5 A turn signal fuse and the 15 A hazard fuse for good measure. unplugging and plugging the connectors to the hazard and turn signal switches makes sense too, as they might be a little corroded. The turn signal flasher is what flashes the hazard lights too, so if the hazard lights are working the turn signal flasher is probably ok.