Finding scamatic to wireing for saturn 98



i am looking for what wires do to what under the dash…in particular i need to find what color wires go to the horn and what cloro wires go to the windshield wipers and are there any in the steering colum?..

narrowing down the problem with winshield wipers not stopping in the park position.

and horn not working…

now having the auot stater put in add to the excitment i know… but i have looked at the fueses ubder the dash and all seem to be fine…what are them fuses to by the way?


98 saturn sc1


Try this link

Ed B.


Hmmm. The only place you will get that kind of detail is in the factory service manual or from an All Data subscription. Are you sure the two are connected and not just coincidence? The horn circuit is pretty simple. The horn button just grounds out and energizes the relay which sounds the horns. Wipers not shutting off is either the switch or the relay in the motor which means replacing the motor, or a short in the wiring to the switch. Most likely the multi-function switch. A fuse would disable the wipers or horn but not make them not shut off. To shut off, the park relay in the motor needs to be energized which means the switch, or the relay itself is bad.

If you had the manual, you would have about two contacts to check current draw at to diagnose the problem. Some major cities subscribe to All Data like Minneapolis so might be worth a try.

Also, don’t fool around close to that air bag. If it goes off, you’re a dead man or wish you were.


Go to a local library and see what they carry on line…mine has a great service (don’t recall the name)


thanx EdB for the info , i didn’t realize the amount of work i would have to do … i am not into that much work or at least not yet it almost looks like it may be worth having it done.
i’ll let you know what i decide…i need to chew on the info for a bit ( its a mental thing)…
thanx again.