4runner: Took apart dash to replace stereo, cannot figure out where these latch (see pic)

2009 4runner. Installed new stereo - everything harnesses in okay with new stereo. I need to put the dash back together but I don’t know where these two harnesses (see cicled red in pic) latch. I feel like I’ve lost my mind and it should be obvious. These do not appear to be related to the stereo - they are below in the area of the climate control face (the plug you see between the two circles that is plugged in goes to the climate control area). Any help on where the black and white harness go is greatly appreciated.,.

Solved: found hazard lights and another item on dash panel I was overlooking. Thanks.

Could they be for some option you don’t have? That is, normally not connected?

Do you remember disconnecting them? Something in the dash? Or they’re not used, as noted above. Lots of cars come wired for options they don’t have.

The white connector looks like the four wheel drive control switch connector and it was once taped back, there is a white piece of tape on the bezel. The black connector should be for the hazard switch.

nevermind- figured it our.