Help - a desert rat ate my wiring in my 2002 montero sport

I have a Mitsubishi that had a resident desert rat for a couple of months. The rat ate some of the wiring. I’ve reconnected some of the wires but need help finding out where others go. In particular there are two connectors just to the left of the 3 ignition modules on top of the engine. One of the connectors has a blue stripped, a black, and a red wire. The other has a blue wire (no stripe), a black, and a red. The cables descend down from the connectors and pass over the top of the driver’s side timing belt cowling. Where does the cable with the blue non-stripe, red, and black wires go? The rat really got after that cable and I cannot start the car yet! Please help if you can.

You can buy a Haynes car repair guide for your specific year at most auto parts. They cost about $15-$20. You can also visit a library and get the info there. The Haynes has a great set of wiring diagrams in the back of the book.