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Hazard light button 2003 Subaru Outback--2 questions

  1. Does the dashboard hazard light button flash red when hazard lights are on? Or only the green turn signal lights?

    2. Should the hazard light button be backlit with a red triangle so that you can find it in the dark?

    I believe my hazard light button used to be backlit and used to flash red. But repair guy says no. Consequently, he says he can’t fix it. Who’s right?

    Right now, you can’t find the hazard light button at night, unless you already know where it is.

I doubt it flashes red, but it should be illuminated. Sounds like you need a new bulb/led.

  1. No

  2. I don’t recall right now whether it is illuminated or not. I will check my '02 Outback, and will let you know what I find.