Parking lights flash while battery charging

So the battery’s dead on my 98 Subaru Outback and I put a charger on it. While it’s charging the parking lights will flash on and off for a minute, then stop for 30 seconds, then flash for a minute, etc. What’s left of my memory says that this happened last time and I finally found the cause, but it’s 4 in the morning and when I couldn’t remember I took to the internet and landed here. Quack. Anybody recognize this weirdness?

No, I don’t recognize specifically what is going on with your car, but I would suspect that it has something to do with the anti-theft system being activated. However, that leads to the inevitable question–Does your car have an anti-theft system?

Exactly right. That thought did occur to me in the dark, so I tried turning the ignition on , unlocking the doors with the key, etc. Even read the manual, which said to do that. But what it didn’t say, and the thing that I didn’t remember, was on a bright yellow sticker by the battery which addressed what to do when the battery had been disconnected. It was very complex. I was supposed to unlock the door with the remote! Or turn the ignition to on and press an emergency override button located on the underside of the steering column. As they say, everything’s clearer in the light of day. Especially yellow stickers! Thanks for your help.