2012 Subaru Outback - Dash lights lit up

All of my dashboard lights including check engine, brake, skid, etc. are on and flashing. What causes this and is it harmful to drive the car? I can’t get it into the shop until next week.

This could be an alternator issue, grounding problem or the battery terminals could be corroded and losing contact off and on. As for driving it, as long as your gauges are where they normally are it should be ok but you may end up stranded without power if the alternator isn’t charging your battery as you drive.

Yes, this could harm the car. You should not keep driving this car until it is checked out.

Because so many people seem to think that it is “normal” for a Check Engine Light (CEL) to be lit-up, ever since 2010 Subaru has programmed their vehicles so that all of the warning lights will be activated if the CEL turns on. Ergo–much more difficult to ignore many warning lights.

That being said, if these lights were on steadily, rather than flashing, it might be a relatively benign problem. Once they are flashing, it indicates that the vehicle should be towed to a qualified mechanic, rather than driving it.

The BCM may be bad.