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Having troulble putting gas into corolla

can not put more than 1/4 gallon of gas into tank,without handle clicking off,if i do it real slow sometimes the gas will come back up…what should i look for to correct this problem;could it be related to charcoal canister which was coding on check engine light but went away since this problem started…thanks Lee

Yes, it could be connected to the charcoal canister.

Toyota has been making Corollas for at least 40 years. They are not all the same. What vintage is yours? What engine does it have? Transmission type? All of these things are important.

Give us the information we need to help you. Please.

it is 2001 corolla wtih 200k miles on it

Your 2001 is equipped with onboard vapor recovery which uses your charcoal canister to capture refueling vapors…If you have been over-filling your tank by forcing more gas in after it first clicks off, you can force liquid gasoline into the canister, ruining it and plugging it up so now your tank can not properly vent…Also, todays cars are equipped with an anti-spill roll-over check valve in the filler neck that can jam in the closed position, again from over-filling, causing the slow-fill problem…Sometimes THIS problem can be corrected by slipping a flexible rod or hose down the filler-neck to dislodge the stuck check-ball…Those bicycle flag fiberglass whips work good…

thanks information was helpful