Gas fill prblm-corolla



when I try to put gas in my 2001 corolla,it spills out and shuts handle off frequently,with portable can i put gas in easily…


Your portable can is transferring fuel much slower than a station pump…Todays cars have complex venting systems to capture gasoline vapors instead of releasing them to the atmosphere when you refuel…When these systems malfunction, problems like yours result. To add to the problem, there is also an “anti-spill roll-over check valve” in the system that can stick in the closed position. Over-filling your fuel tank (forcing in that last half-gallon) can cause these problems…


I had the same problem with a Chrysler. The best thing you can do is find a full service station and let the attendant deal with the problem. Otherwise, if you need to pump the gas yourself, try different angles while pumping, and always put as much pressure as you can on the valve so that a tight seal is maintained. Pump the gas as slow as you can. It will kick out repeatedly anyway, but this is the fastest way to fill the car.