Filling Gas

At a service station in NJ, my gas cap flew into the wind and the attendant replaced it. My check engine light came on a day after getting gas (not in NJ) so I took it in to my garage. Ends up that the (new) gas cap has a crack and a new one is getting ordered. Now, whenever I am filling up the gas tank, it keeps shutting itself off (very frequently . . . like every 1/2 gallon or so). This happened when the check engine light was on and after it was initially turned off by the mechanic. I asked a mechanic at the garage because it keeps happening and I can’t fill the car fully and he said it happens with some cars and you have to hold it a certain way or something. This can’t be fixed and I’ll just have to get used to it until I get a new car. My question – how could this have just started happening? Its a 2002 Corolla and I’ve had it for years without problems. Is it possible that when I get a new gas cap and the computer gets re-started, it will fix itself?

Why did you have to order a new gas cap? Just go to an auto parts store and buy one. It might fix the problem.

I had a problem with the gas-cap on my 4runner…First I bought one from ADAP (it was Sunday and they were open)…didn’t clear the code…then I bought one from the dealer…problem solved.

I got the gas cap from the dealer because they will clear the code and the “check engine light” will go away finally (hopefully). I’m more annoyed with having to restart the pump and taking 20 minutes to fill-up.

Your gas tank is vented through an internal system designed to trap fuel vapors when refueling…When this system malfunctions, the tank no longer vents properly and refueling can take a long time…As an added feature, cars have an “anti-spill roll-over valve” in the filler neck which, if you overfill the tank, can float up and get stuck in the filler-pipe, making refueling very difficult. Diagnosing and repairing these problems usually requires removing the fuel tank and filler neck, something few mechanics have any interest in doing…Sometimes, you can slip a thin drain-snake down the filler-pipe and dislodge the stuck anti-roll-over valve (it’s a cork or plastic ball) which solves the problem…Good Luck…

While I agree with Caddyman, I guess I am a little more optimistic about it. In any case, if you can find a good local independent shop that is recommended by friends, co-workers or family then you may get off cheap.  Sorry to say you don't always get off cheap however.

This happened to me with a 1993 chevy lumina. The fuel cap was fine. The fuel pump would cut out every half to 1 gallon. This went on for about 2 months because I kept thinking it will take care of itself eventually. My first and cheapest attempt was the one that worked… I threw in a bottle of fuel/injector cleaner. I am not sure what it did but it got something unclogged/unstuck. It didn’t do it again. Hope this helps.