Difficulty in filling gas


I have 2001 Toyota corolla. Every time I go to gas station the pump shuts off immediately after I start filling even though the gas tank is empty. I have to stand and manually fill the tank holding the nozzle and pressing it.


There is an anti-spill valve at the base of the filler pipe. Sometimes, it gets stuck closed and you can’t put gas in. Get a slender, flexible, stick (about finger size, 3 feet long) and put it into the filler tube and tap the valve closed. If this doesn’t work, a mechanic may have to remove the filler tube and re-set the anti-spill valve.


There are several possible problems. hellokit told you about one. I will add a couple more.

Have you been in the habit of topping off the tank when you fill it up. That will do it. Your owner’s manual and likely a sticker somewhere will worn you about that. It damages the vapor recovery system and you may need a new charcoal filter. It is also possible that one or more hoses are kinked or otherwise blocked. Finally you may want to try a different station that may have a different type of pump. Some are a little too sensitive for some cars.


Most likely charcoal cannister if you always try to squeeze the last few drops ino the tank at fillup. Hope it’s something else cause the cannister replacement is not cheap.