Having trouble with 2010 Chevy Malibu instrument cluster

So I’m having what is to believe an electrical problem with my instrument cluster in my 2010 Chevy Malibu. The cluster has gone dark and I can no longer see my mileage, gas, or Speed. I was testing the fuses in my car when I found the fuse that controls my instrument cluster when tested the fuse would not have any power running through. What could be causing that?

A blown fuse.



Make sure to replace the fuse with the same amp rating as the original fuse. If it blows again you’ve got a short circuit somewhere. Use amirrorand flashlight, peek around under the dashboard area, looking for chaffed wire insulation, connectors that are loose or have fallen off, etc. The top of the fuse usually provides access to the top of those metal tabs. The voltage between each of those tabs relative to the chassis ground should be the same. If one has 12 volts and the other much less the fuse is blown.

My apologies I should have worded that statement better. The fuse it’s self is not blown. I’ve tested the fuse and replaced it before to try and see if it was the fuse but still nothing. As of this morning I stripped apart my dashboard to get to my Instrument cluster and I inspected the wires which all seem to be fine along with the actual instrument cluster board and everything seemed to be in order. There was no kinks or anything unordinary on the wiring itself as far as I saw. I’ve been reading a handful of forums and to my conclusion at the moment is that the it could be a faulty panel dimmer module that controls the backlight of the cluster and the interior lights has gone out so at this point I’m going to replace it and keep y’all updated. Thanks for the help this far.

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If you are saying that the fuse is good but you have no voltage getting to that fuse while it is in place then there is a problem with the connection to power for that fuse position. In case you are not already aware of it, there are small slots on top of each side of the fuse you can use to check for voltage on the fuse. The problem could be with another fuse ahead of that fuse for the gauges. Don’t take anything apart to try and find the problem if no power is getting to the fuse itself. You will need to find out why that fuse isn’t getting power to it. Sometimes connections in the fuse panel itself can have trouble but not very often.

I have the same problem and plan on changing the entire cluster out. Did you have any luck resolving the problem?

Hi. I have taken it to the Chevy dealership and they have diagnosed it was a bad instrument cluster and they were going to change the whole cluster and they said it would solve the problem. But I’ve since trades the car as a whole because I could not stand this problem. I’m not sure if that’s the right solution it that’s what I did.