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Instrumnt cluster 95' liconln continental

I am not the original owner of this vehicle. I 've owned this vehicle since July the first month or so no problems shorlty after while on the expressway the fuse blown that illuminates the instrument cluster. I replacd the fuse it held for about week bu tfrom then on every fuse that i put in the slot blows shortly after placing it in.The vehicle also has an remote car starter on it. I dont know if the previous owner had it professionally installed or he did it himself.

Check ebay or for a used cluster.

The fuse most likely supplies power to other things also so the trouble may be elsewhere. You should try to get a wiring diagram for the car to see what else is on the circuit and then try and track the trouble down. If the cluster really is the trouble then disconnecting the power to it will stop the fuse from blowing out.

i already replaced the cluster once before and the fuse continue to blows

Cluster illumination lighting is usually tied into other lighting on the car; dome and door lighting, park and tail lamps, etc. This means the harness snakes all over the car.

Rather than stumbling across the problem by blind luck, the best method is to get a Helm publication on the car. This wiring book will show all of the connectors, the locations, etc.
From there you have to start unplugging things in that circuit until the short goes away. That will at least get you into general part of the harness where the problem lies.
It’s often not fun, but there’s no easy way around it.

A shade tree method of finding a short is to plug a fuse that has a very high rating into the circuit, turn on the lighting, and quickly (and frantically) look for a wisp of smoke or the smell of burning insulation.
I’m not advising you to do this; only pointing out a remote possibility.