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Instrument cluster failed on ‘98 Ram

Why did the instrument cluster on my 98 ram stop working and now the ABS and — lights are on? — It starts and runs fine but no speedometer, tach, oil pressure, temp, ect!!! — I checked all fuses and swapped out relays under the hood. — It did start working on it own twice now, but only for a couple of minutes and the quit again. — I am hoping for an easy fix because it is below 0 (cold) up here!!

Remove cluster, at connectors from truck, make sure you have specified voltage on each pin that is supposed to have it ( with key on. If you do , plug it back into cluster and wiggle the connector. If this affects the gages, clean or repair connectors. If connector is good and you have specified voltages, replace your cluster.if you do not have specified voltages at connector when it is required then you need to find a wiring or ground issue.

My son in law had a similar age Chrysler minivan, with a cluster that would go off and on randomly, and the mileage digital readout would show scrambled images. I went to forums about these vans and found lots of info about this, and it was failures where the socket of the main cable feeding info to the panel is soldered to the circuit board, after years of vibration. If you are up for trying to fix this yourself, do some research and you will find info and videos, even on Youtube, about it.

I’ve found helpful about Chrysler Corp. vehicles.

Thanks Much Guys – You are giving me a good idea where I need to start and what I might be getting into!

Please keep it coming!

I agree with the previous advice about checking the power to the cluster at the connector to it. The trouble is most likely due to a bad connection there. Especially since you say it works sometimes. That really points to a loose connection. If the warning lights have a issue also then check the alternator circuit. The warning lights are tied into it.