Have you seen the Jeep wave?

Car Talk took a close look at the Jeep Wave. In our testing of the Wrangler and Gladiator, one of the coolest parts of these cars is the wave from fellow Jeepsters:

Yes, I knew it was a “thing.” Lots of Jeeps, especially modded ones, where I live and the wave is noticeable. “It’s a Jeep Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand” is the mantra!

When I owned my Corvette in the late 80s into the 90s, Corvette owners did a Corvette wave as well. Not sure they still do that. I’ll have to ask my 'Vette owner friends and report back.

The motorcycle wave is not universal. My Japanese bike would NOT get a wave in-kind from 90% of Harley riders. Only another HD owner gets a wave from a Harley. I noticed the Gold Wing owners are the most active wavers I’ve ever seen! The rear-seaters will darn near fall off waving at other bikers!

The Duck-Duck-Jeep ending to the story seems out of place in the article. While the Canadians may have gotten angry at a mistaken American Jeeper, a ton of their brethren flew down here to Florida for their Covid vaccines while those that stayed home waited 6 months and more to get theirs.

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I can report that CRX and MR2 drivers get waves from same-car drivers. It’s gotten pretty rare now, though, since both cars aren’t seen much anymore. These days I see maybe one or 2 CRXs per year other than my own, sadly.

Surprisingly enough I find myself getting waves from other Tundra drivers when I’m driving the garden-hauling truck. I’ve even had people come up and talk to me about it. Didn’t expect that. Great truck, but I wouldn’t call it anything special.



Many of us seem to feel compelled to recognize people who share something we feel is important to us. It’s been amazing how often I have been escorted to the head of a line in traffic or given a courtesy pass for minor traffic violations when this tag is recognized. And certainly there is a “Vet Wave” when meeting someone with that tag.

Thanks for your service, Rod. I’m going to guess that going through something like that with others probably creates a stronger bond than buying the same SUV.


When I had my Renault Caravelle we would toot our horns, both to acknowledge other Caravelle drivers and to commiserate
Whereas, when&where I had a CJ5 they were so common no such thing as a Jeep wave.

I got the biker wave on my Triumph.

From Harley guys? Seems some HD guys will wave the English bikes.

The Japanese bikers seem to appreciate and wave the Euro bikes enthusiastically. I always did. I’d wave the HD guys, too, but rarely got one back.

Did you use its City Horn or its Highway Horn?
(For those who are too young to recall it, one of the selling points that Renault touted in their radio commercials was its “two tone horn”.)

Doesn’t matter what you are driving out in rural South Dakota, you’ll get waved at.

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in NY you can get the 1 finger wave. LOL

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Same thing in my area. :smiley: :smiley:

People to lazy to use all their fingers are they? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I’m a 100% Harley guy but I wave at anyone who waves at me no matter what they ride. A few times I’ve seen Japanese bike riders out of gas so I stop and drain some from the fatbob tanks for them.
My assumption is that they would likely do the same for me.

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Jeep wave , Harley wave , any vehicle wave ? I just don’t understand it . I can only hope someone does not start a Volvo wave .

So the motorcycle wave was a lowhand swing, is the jeep wave like a Gohmer Pyle hello hello hello wave?

I’m going to wave at every Volvo I see now. Maybe I can start the trend.


That right there is going to be my Volvo wave. :nerd_face:

Then there’s the hang loose wave if you’ve been to Hawaii. Everybody does it to everybody else, or used to anyway.

Corvette Wave still exists but might be practiced more by club members.

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