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Have my shock/struts gone bad?

My car has been making scraping noises when I go over bumps and turn sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t make the noise at all. Initially I thought it was my breaks, I replaced those and the noise persists. This doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, it’s usually only going over bumps or potholes on the right side or turning left. I looked at the shock/struts and they look lifted (unsealed) all the replacement parts don’t look like that, they look sealed.

I’ve attached a picture of the top of the shock/struts to see if it helps.

I have a Toyota Corolla S 2015 w/ 105K Miles

Thanks in advance for any replies!


Take it to a shop and have it inspected. Sounds to me like you definitely have some issue with your suspension. That’s hard to diagnose over the internet.

Zooming in it looks like I can see spring. Immediate attention required if so. Unless that’s normal for this vehicle

Cool. Thanks all, I have an appointment today.

Suspension support is loose.The strut bearing is what is making that noise because its not seated properly. You need a mechanic ASAP.

You’re probably going to want to replace that cracked strut tower too.