Just got shocks and struts replaced, 2 days later car goes out of control going over bumps

2018 Camry, 90k miles. Took my car to brakes plus in denver to get shocks and struts replaced. Everything felt perfectly brand new and great, then now 2 days later out of nowhere (I didn’t hit any pot holes, no major bumps) driving on any road with just small bumps is very loud, uncomfortable, and both front end and rear end sways and goes completely out of control. All other times like corning and smooth road the car is fine. No noises at all exept loud bump/road noises. Is there a possibility that brakes plus messed up? Or is there something else wrong with my car? Please any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much!!!

Blindly over the internet it is impossible to say for sure… But you need to take it back and have the shop check to see if they screwed up, or something else is broken.

I’d also ask what caused you to change ALL the shocks and struts on the car? 90k miles and 3 years is very early for this. A friend of mine with 2 Camrys sold both with original struts and shocks each wirh 200k miles.

What brand parts replaced the OE parts and were they complete assemblies with springs, mounts and struts? You might have installed inferior parts to the OE Toyota parts causing your problems.


I am not familiar with Brakes Pluss but sounds to much like a jiffy lube type of place you need to find a good independent mechanic to check it out before something bad goes wrong.


Where I live there are some very bad pot holes, I’m assuming that’s what would have caused it, but the ride over bumps was getting uncomfortable so I asked them to do it. They said the struts were pretty beat up but they are OK, but I told them to replace it anyways. They said shocks and struts should be replaced at the same time, and generally replaced every 75k miles. They had to order struts from toyota and are OEM, and the shocks are KYB. I’m not sure about the mounts, i can ask them about that (I’m not sure if they even replaced that) I’m thinking you might be right about the mixing parts thing

Yea I’m going to take it back tomorrow and force them to fix it (if it was them). After that I’m never going back. But I just want to make sure they won’t be feeding me any BS and try to make something up so I would like to learn as much as I can beforehand

its possible something was not tightened correctly and loosened up. its been only 2 days. I would bring it back to them and have them check it out. if you you feel something shady is going on there after they look at it, then I would go somewhere else.


Loosing control of the vehicle while driving over bumps sounds like an embellished tale.

Bumps should not create loud noises, how fast are you travelling on this road? Is it paved or gravel?

By “loosing control” I mean both front and back of the car sways badly, and its almost like all the wheels are going to fall off, and I lose steering for just a second. but I already made sure the lug nuts are tight and they are, exept for one on a back wheel which looks like it dosnt belong to my car. I’m going to talk to them about that too but what is going on with my car seems much more significant than one lug nut that is different. And by noise I don’t mean noise coming from the suspension system, just not a smooth ride over bumps and loud in the cabin.
The worst is going around slight corners with bumps or holes, about 30mph. I’ve driven on the highway too and it’s the same feeling with smaller bumps. All paved roads, both concrete and asphalt

Check sway bar end links, sir.


That last part of their recommendation is pretty good evidence that this shop is run by scammers.


Did you get a four wheel alignment after suspension work? No alignment after the suspension work might cause drivability problems.


They said they have to do an alignment after work like that, so I’m going to hope they did. I guess the shop is closed today for the day after 4th of july so I’m going to keep seeing if I can find anything until I bring it in tomorrow

Take a look at the repair invoice that they printed for you.
Does it list a 4-wheel alignment?
If it’s not listed, then it wasn’t done.
If it was listed, then I also hope that it was done.

I just checked and it looks like there is a bunch of grease coming out of the ends of them(sway bar links), is that normal? Maybe just because they greased it?

I imagine that they are open call them to find out, or look up their hours on line.

Why guess when a simple phone call will tell you if they are open. If nothing else you can leave a message about your problem .

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I just didn’t trust them enough in case if they try to say something else is wrong so I spend money that I shouldn’t. But I went with them when they lifted the car up today. The brand new KYB shock on my rear passenger side was completely blown with oil everywhere. Apparently just one very bad strut can cause such a huge problem. It was hard to tell without my car being up in the air

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I had a car with a blown strut also. New struts made no difference in ride. That’s life, sometimes.