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I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla. Recently, it feels as if there are no shocks (suspension) in the car at all. The funny thing is though, that it only feels this way on certain days and other days it is fine. At first I thought it was due to the cold weather, but the fact that it runs fine on some days leads me to believe it is something else. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

A friend had the same problem on her 1995 Corolla. Turns out her struts were seizing up. It happens sometimes on older cars.

In short, I’d simply have the struts changed.

Thanks for the info…so in your opinion, changing the struts will do the trick. The suspension is okay otherwise? Also would you have an estimate on getting the struts replaced? Thanks again.

Shop around…they vary wildly in price. 300-500 is a good guess.

Do NOT use Toyota struts/shocks…You can get as good or better aftermarket for a LOT less. Last time I replaced the shocks/struts for my Pathfinder…the OEM shocks were $200/each…I bought KYB (which is the OEM provider for Nissan) for $50/each…same shock…different paint job…Very expensive paint job if you ask me.

Get them checked before replacing, as you should for any parts, but I’ll bet a plate of corn muffins that new struts will so the trick.

Strut replacement is not cheap. Price it out comparatively with different shops. But they truely are normal wear items.

Thanks for the input and advice…Much appreciated. I will get the struts looked at and shop around.