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I used to think the Juke was bad. Then I saw one of these- with a front only a mother could love:


It actually looks better on an angle…

Have you seen the most confusing turn signal ever? Get behind one of these at night-


What idiot thought it would be a good idea to have turn signals that look like arrows pointing in the opposite direction??


Get ready, more are coming:
Rivian reveals its new, more affordable off-road EVs | CNN Business

I’m ok with the look.

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Turn signals that are pointing “the wrong way” are actually not a new thing. This is a 1959 Mercury:

Now that I’m starting to see more Rivians on the road, I’m starting to get used to those ovoid headlights. One thing for sure, is that when you see a Rivian coming from the other direction, you know that it’s a Rivian.

At this point, I think I’ve seen about 6 of their pickups, and as of last week, I’ve seen 3 of their SUVs, and I think that their styling is actually very tasteful.

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I don’t think rivians the most offensive cars ever, they just seem very bland. Reminds me of something I would see in a video game where they couldn’t be bothered to put detail into it. It’s like we need a term for them similar to the “soap bar” styling of teslas.

lol … that’s definitely chuckle-inducing … lol … I’ve never noticed that yet, but now I’m prepared! I bicycled past a parked Rivian the other day, daylight so no lighting, still didn’t particularly like the styling. Not ugly, but y impression was , it looks like it was just driven off an alien space ship … lol …

The first Rivian that I saw in person was in the store parking lot as it was getting dark so the lights were the 1st thing I noticed. Different but i don’t mind it, if they offered the R2 as a pickup instead of just a suv I would be more tempted. R3 looks to be more my size.

Mini basically took putting the union jack all over the mini to an extreme, each tail light represents part of the union jack. Looks confusing to me as well.

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All of those vehicles you pictured are MUCH better looking than the Tesla Cybertruck

That thing is an abomination, imo


IMO, it’s different just for the sake of being different, with no advantages whatsoever over a more conventional-looking truck.

Back in the '60s, Chrysler decided to mount their rearview mirrors on the top of the dashboard, rather than suspending them from the area above the windshield. Surely they did this just to be different, because it had no advantages for a driver.

And, the first time that someone drove one of those cars with someone sitting in the center of the front seat–totally blocking the driver’s rear view–it became obvious that this design difference was a really bad idea.

Cybertruck’s are starting to be delivered in the Seattle area, there’s at least one in the pipeline for someone here in Olympia that hasn’t been assigned a VIN yet according to an online list.

Saw a Silverado EV being moved from the local dealer’s storage lot across the street and that’s much better looking than the Cybertruck.

Even though Teslas are as common as ants in my area, I have yet to see even one Cybertruck.

I’ve seen a Cybertruck twice around here (SFBayArea). They seem profoundly ugly, and appear to be very unlikely to be useful as a working pickup. The sides of the “bed” are really high, and not level front to back. I can’t see how a tradesman could load anything from the side, and there seems to be no way to secure the load from thieves. And they are huge. So what’s the plus side? All-electric trucks seem like a good idea for local businesses, but the Cybertruck seems completely impractical.


There’s a power tonneau cover for the bed, similar to the retractable cover on the Rivian. Seems like more local businesses are getting Mavrick Hybrids for light truck needs or a Lightning. Cybertruck’s are being rented out on Turo and other platforms if the owner isn’t trying to flip them at auction.

You took the words right out of my mouth!

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Proud mary coffee in Austin TX showed. Their Rivian R1t converted to a mobile coffee bar, Ev showcase in Austin this wknd.

Me too. I like it. It’s simple, but distinctive.


The Nissan juke is a beautiful ride if modified correctly.

The widely-used nickname for that model was the Nissan Joke, undoubtedly due to both its styling and its performance limitations. Nissan replaced the Joke with the Nissan Kicks model, and I’ve been told that this name was selected due to its ride quality.


Ok. I went on google to have a look at the Nissan kick as I didn’t know they had such a model out:

My opinion on the kick is that it looks rather feminine? Not so grumpy as the joke :grin:

Let’s look at them now being modified:


A little better. Wonder if there is another name for the kicks like there is for the juke? Most definitely, the kick doesn’t seem like it’s kicking to me.