Hatchback won't stay up

Has anyone had a problem with the hatchback not staying up in cold weather? It’s fine as soon as the temp gets over 40 degrees or so. Was it expensive to fix? (OK dumb question, it’s a Volvo)

You need new hatch struts. When the struts start to age they don’t hold the hatch open, and it’s always worse in cold weather. I’ve been whacked in the head a few times by a hatch that won’t stay open. It’s not a Volvo problem, it happens to all hatchbacks and station wagons eventually.

If you’re lucky replacement struts will be available at your local auto parts store. If not you’ll have to pay Volvo’s price.

Either way, new struts should solve the problem, and this is usually a DIY job.

Or you can use a broomstick sawn to the correct length to hold the hatch open.

thanks for the help!I like to think I’m handy at fixing things but I don’t know about this. Do the struts come with instructions? will regular household tools work? broomstick is a great idea. I’m glad to know this happens to other cars too.

The ones I have had are unbolted with a regular wrench/socket or are attached onto a ball that is push-on. I don’t remember if I had to apply an pressure or urging to get them off. Apparently it was not a memorable experience either way. Take a look at the Volvo and see what you are getting in to. It should not be a big deal and you may be able to get the hatch struts from an auto parts store, which will be cheaper than the dealer. Replace them both.