2009 Honda CR-V - Rear Hatch Won’t Stay Open

Trunk door won’t stay open how much are parts and can anyone attach new parts?

Most likely it just the rear hatch struts are worn out. As for price it all depends on where you get them but any body shop can verify that is what you need . They can also install them if you want them to.

Thanks for the quick info!!

I replaced hood struts on one of my cars easily. I’d guess your job would be similar, assuming you have easy access to them. You probably will need a second person to hold the hatch up fully while you replace the struts.

I recently replaced the rear hatch struts on a 2006 Sienna minivan and the hood struts on a 2003 Ford Taurus. The Taurus struts failed on a windy day, luckily my head was in the way and prevented the hood from slamming shut on my hands.

Figure on spending 50 to 70 for the pair… I ordered the struts from Advance Auto and Autozone (depending on the price). I used a length of wood to keep the hood/hatch open during the installation. To be on the safe side, used safety glasses/googles when loosening the clip. This link explains the installation better than I could.

Ed B.

They are available at www.rockauto.com also. $10 to $30 each. Type in the year/make/model then click “body”, the “lift support”. If I had that problem though I’d remove the old strut and take it to my auto part store or dealership, so I could compare it to what they proposed to sell me. There are dozens of different sizes of these gadgets – the manufacturers don’t seem to have standardized – so it would be easy to be given the wrong one by mistake. A side by side comparison before buying is the best way to go.

I’ve also had very good luck buying rear liftgate supports from:

It cost me $15.99 (Amazon) and 10 minutes of my time to replace the hood struts on my Ram pickup.