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2005 MINI hatchback - door won't stay open

The hatch door of my hatchback, won’t stay open. It closes slowly. Bumped me on the noggin several times. Thoughts?

Replace the back door supports, they are too weak to support the back door.

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After 11 years, the seals in those little struts have dried out, and it is time to replace the struts. It is very possible that you can find aftermarket replacement struts that will be considerably cheaper than if you bought the parts from the Mini dealership.

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For many vehicles these are readily available at parts stores since it’s such a common problem.
I replaced mine years back with a heavy duty set I found on the internet. They cost a wee bit more, but they’re worth every extra penny.

Thanks all, yes I found them cheap online (in a quick search). Are they
easy to replace for someone who is no to mechanic savvy?

Yup. Just take a close look with a good flashlight at the way yours are attached at the ends and work backwards. The new pair may even come with directions.

Additionally, I would suggest that the OP figure out what he will use to support the lift gate/rear hatch during the repair process BEFORE beginning the repair.

An old broom stick might be a good support, but it is important to determine the exact length that will be needed, and to cut it to that precise length before beginning the repair job.
And, figure out exactly where you are going to place the support where it is unlikely to slip. Do NOT use the rear glass to support the weight of the lift gate/rear hatch.


Good suggestion. I used a stick cut to the right length.

Google is your friend. You can find all kinds of videos showing strut replacement being done.

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A friend to hold the hatch is even better. He/she can wiggle the hatch when you are trying to snap the strut in place. Broomsticks can’t do that. :wink: