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Freek accident

Two weeks a go i had a freek accident. I was in the right hand lane preparing to parallel park with my wheel cranked. Just as i started to reverse (looking over right shoulder at parked cars) i felt a big bounce in the car and realized someone hit me. When i got out of the car and looked i saw no damage to the body of the car, but the other car had minor damage near the back door. Upon further inspection we found tar on his car and a scrub on my front driver tire.

Resulting damage to my car’s steering system was significant. Insurance experts are claiming there is no way this much damage could occur without touching the body of the car.

have any of you ever seen this before?

This is very much like damaging the steering system by hitting a curb. Or cranking the wheel to one side right next to a metal post. No body damage, bad steering system damage.

This is a very possible scenario. The insurance “experts” are wrong.

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Apparently the dude told my mechanic that there was no way, and that I must have done some off roading or something. Its been over 2 weeks. Still waiting on a decision but preparing for a battle if they claim it is impossible.

Several years ago, a friend slid into a curb after taking a turn too fast during winter conditions. There was no damage whatsoever to the body of his Toyota, but the impact from the right front wheel hitting the curb bent a suspension arm, and also caused damage to the wheel bearing.


I agree with the others, hitting a tire hard can mess up a LOT of parts.

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I’ve never met an insurance adjuster who was remotely qualified as a mechanic. They follow a script. They need to listen to the experts (aka mechanics).


An insurance adjuster used to live a few blocks from me; for about 5 years. In that short time on 3 separate occasions people have stopped and asked me for his whereabouts while I was outside mowing or whatever. All three wanted to beat him silly. That should tell you something about adjusters. I was only too happy to point his house out as he had tried to screw me over once also.

Things got too hot on him so he bailed and last I heard was in SE KS somewhere.

As for your problem, yes a hard hit on the tire can certainly cause damage of various types. I might ask exactly what type of damage hsa your car suffered. Steering I know, but exactly what in the steering is damaged?

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I presume that it is the insurance company for the other driver who is hassling you. Talk to your own insurance agent about the problem.


They have determined that the damage to the wheel was preexisting due to the location of visible rust on the system. they have determined that damage to my bumper is from the accident and offered me cash for that. still out a couple grand.

I intend to contest the reports. tomorrow i am going to the shop to take my own photos of the damage. any pointers for me on this part? what type of photos will help show the difference between new damage and old rust? i guess any sheared ends of things?

nope. its mine.

If a 3500 lb car hits your front left tire at even 15 mph, I would imagine there was damage to your suspension and maybe your steering.


The most common damage when it comes to wheel strikes are control arms followed by strut rods, struts, strut towers, and subframes. Many times this damage is not visible to the naked eye.
It may need to go on an alignment rack.

Just retain an attorney to represent your interest.

Unless there’s injury, I don’t think an attorney is necessary. Your own insurance company will help there.

It is his own insurance company telling him no.

If the car is driveable it really needs to go on the alignment rack to see if there are any sizeable discrepancies involving caster, camber, and toe. You should get a printout of this.

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Your own insurance co. is not your friend. Their interests are not necessarily Aligned with yours. As far as an attorney not being interested in the case if no injury, my wife took plenty of cases over the years with property damage only.


That may be true, but they might listen if you come up with a reasonable story. We had that happen on my daughter’s car. It was in a wreck, and the front end was severely damaged. She was in a hurry to get home for fall break, and she drove home immediately after picking it up. I drove it to see how it handled after she got home. I heard a helicopter whenever I was moving. It turned out the chopper was the right front wheel bearing. My insurer got the shop here and the body shop that fixed the car a conference call. They eventually concluded that the original shop did not replace the wheel bearing and should have. At first, they denied our claim that it was part of the accident damage, but changed their mind after the conference call.

In this case they would be. Because if the insurance company from the person who hit him isn’t going to pay for the damage, then they will through collision insurance.

A few studies have been done that concluded that claimants represented by their own counsel come out ahead of those that “do it themselves”.