Road rage--with consequences

For a look at just how idiotic road rage can become, take a look at this video.
I strongly suggest that you turn off your speakers before viewing it if you are at work, or if there are children nearby.


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Holy Insurance problems, Batman !

I hope the police can pull the license plate numbers and bust them both. The flipped SUV should be easy. It’s the other one where this video might be needed.

How do you view it?

One idiot to the next,

If you mean “view the video” I had to go to youtube:

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Thank you!

I got a kick out of that. Who knew it was so easy to flip an SUV (other than this guy - [points at self])?

The guy in the car pushed it over. Total beast.


That’s definitely not what I see!
My viewing of the last part of the video seems to indicate that the driver of the car (BMW convertible?) had already closed his door and entered his car just before the driver of the Escape overturned his own vehicle by misjudging his distances and partially mounting the fender of the BMW…

In any event, this appears to be the result of two rectal sphincters encountering each other on the road.

I’m pretty sure @jtsanders was joking. :upside_down_face:

Yes, that is possible when someone doesn’t “punctuate” his/her post with a relevant emoji or a notation that sarcasm is involved.

Didn’t you see the arms on that guy?

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How are so many people able to live in denial of their own ineptness and lack of social graces as to feel entitled to expect the world to step aside for them literally and figuratively as they make their way along? Were they all oblivious to the people around them snickering and pointing at them when they stormed by with their egos hanging out of their skivies when growing up?

Yeah, that’s what I was going for. The driver of the car was channeling his inner Popeye. The guy in the SUV was behaving a lot like Bluto…

… and if there was any Olive Oyl on the pavement, it might have been relatively easy to upend that Escape…

Well I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

It’s a good thing he had a can of spinach.