Has anyone replaced a VSS (speed sensor) on a 94-97 Accord?


It’s hard to reach even with the intake hose moved out of the way. How is the VSS attached to the transmission? My shop manaual says there are three 6MM bolts, but I only see three phillips head screws.

Here’s a link to the image:


Any tips on replacing this myself? I hate working on Hondas.


The Honda manual for my '97 Accord shows TWO mounting bolts, which match the mounting plate holes in the picture you provided. Don’t mess with the three screws.

The manual cautions that the DRIVE LINK, which fits between the transmission and the VSS is a “very small part; be careful not to lose it.”

That’s a quote from the factory manual. Good luck.


You are exactly right. Does your manual specify the size of those two bolts?