Vehicle Speed Sensor

Where the b’jeebers is it?

I have a 1995 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 standard bed with a 2.7 engine.

My mechanic says that the scan indicates that there’s trouble with my VSS. He got one and can’t find where it goes.

My speedometer hasn’t been working which leads us to believe that it is the one on the transmission (allegedly), but he can’t find it anywhere.

Where the b’jeebers is it?


I really think that you need a new mechanic.
Many/most vehicles have more than one VSS.

If your current mechanic does not know this, at the least he needs to buy some repair manuals, and in the extreme, he may not be fully competent.

Thanks for your comments although, in fact, I have a wonderful mechanic whom I’ve used for many years with no complaints. We both realize that there are multiple vehicle speed sensors and we’ve each consulted other sources (two Toyota dealers, another mechanic and web-sites). Neither of the service managers at the dealerships knew, believe it or not. The other mechanic concurred with the web-sites that we checked that the vss that we’re in search of is on the transmission, but apparently it’s not as obvious as it sounds.
Any other ideas? Thank you?

You need a mechanic who can type it and hit enter. Everything I Google comes up with an answer. If you google it, you will know more than the mechanic.

OK, so some things aren’t so easy but a mechanic without a source of repair info is kinda scary.

Okay, if he can’t find the sensor, how does he even know that it is bad? Proper diagnosis requires testing at the sensor and then maybe at the module that reads the sensor. Just because the speed signal is missing, doesn’t mean that it is the speed sensor. It could be the sensor, but it also could be the wiring to the sensor or a fault in the module that reads the sensor.
He’s just trying to throw parts at the problem.

I know you like him, but as the others have said, if he’s throwing parts at a code without diagnosing the suspected part, and in fact can’t even find the part, then he’s not a wonderful mechanic. A shop manual or a computer-based reference like alldata would tell him where anything is, and how to replace it. Since he obviously does not have these things, even if he finds the VSS he won’t know how much torque to re-install it with, which could lead to other problems.

Find a new mechanic.