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Has anyone ever used "Shine Armor" or similar?


There is a commercial for a spray on paint protector called “shine armor”. In theory, this looks good! I have a Honda Accord 2017. Alas, when washing my car, I caused 2 light scratches on the hood. Somehow, the microfiber towel was no longer as soft as the first time I used it. Supposedly you can drop a bucket of screws on the paint and it won’t scratch. Should I have any and all detailing done before using it?

It always look good on commercials and not in reality.


I have not used it. Commercials show a lot of possibilities.
One commercial from the late 50s they waxed the hood of a car then poured either lighter fluid or alcohol on it then set fire to it. What do you know- -it still shined.

Just buy a name brand wax. This is probably overpriced, or it’s spam.


Yes, was thinking same, which is why I wanted to ask before purchasing.

OK Thanks!
The spray on possibility looked good…but since my car is new, did not want to ruin the paint. Thanks

And I guess the car didn’t catch fire?

I don’t believe commercials. Gotta remember just for fun we used to put lighter fluid in our hand a light it and never got burned. Sounds like a Slick 50 commercial. Remember no oil and the engine just kept on running? Of course they were hosing the thing down with water which actually kept it cool-like the oil would have. Still I always try to knock the bottles down at the fair even though I know they are lead. What’s 50 cents anyway?

I always just use Meguire’s wax for $20 or so. The stuff named Torque is supposed to be good too and easy to use if you want to pay $40 for a bottle.

Griot’s Garage sells a similar product for $19,99 in a 22oz bottle. Autozone and other parts stores usually have Griot’s products in stock. I’ve been wanting to visit their brick and mortar store in Tacoma for some time.

Just saw the infomercial…
Looks like a Turtle Wax Ice copy except after “Shipping & Handling” it’s probably twice the price and made by an unknown manufacturer.

On the other hand, l can give you a great Deal for you on some Copper Infused, Nano particle, Energy Boosting gas additive!!! Freshens your old gas, doubles your power and makes your hair grow back!!! :rofl:

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Cool. We have 2 autozones. Will check it out