Tire coats

My car tires are new, barely 2000 in one car, not even 1000 in the other. I am thinking of using NOW those spray-on tire gloss/coats, to make them even look shinier/wet. Will these sprays compromise the integrity of the new tires? I guess I should, if the sprays are not harmful, at least use name brands like Meguiar’s, etc. Thank you.

Everyone has their favorite, so you’ll probably get a lot of different recommendations here. I prefer the tire shine marketed by Michelin, which has more of a matte finish.

I think some people question the products with lots of petroleum distillates, but I don’t know if there’s a real basis for that.

I recommend spreading liberal amounts of vasoline on your tires to keep them shiny. It will also increse your gas mileage because your car will slide through the air easier.

When I use tire dressing, which is not very often, I use More Shine Less Time, which is made by Stoner. Works great and lasts longer than other products I’ve tried, and you don’t have to wipe it. Just spray it on.

I have never used the stuff. I am lazy. I have not heard any reliable information that indicates there is any downside other than the price and the work you do to put it on.