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Hard to find parts

My 17 yr. old son just bought his first car, a 1992 Nissan Maxima, only to find out it needs an ABS actuator/pump that is leaking brake fluid. I can not find this part at any junkyard … does anyone have any leads on where to get hard to find older parts?

thank you

You can do a state-wide or nation-wide search for used parts a (make sure you have the “-” in it or you’ll get another lousy outfit). Or for new or rebuilt parts you can try but I suspect it would cost more than the car is worth.

There are companies that rebuild these units, that would be your best bet. Google ABS module rebuilders to search for companies. Stay away from salvage yards for this part, as module failures were fairly common on early units. can help you find a used one.

The part is so expensive new or rebuilt that trying a salvage yard is worth the chance.

In 1992, few cars had ABS brakes and the few units available were pretty Micky-mouse affairs…You are going to have to fork out the $bucks$ (more than the car is worth) to have the unit rebuilt…

This is one of the many pit-falls of buying older, low production luxury cars…These is NO parts support…

Rockauto wants about $1000 either for a rebuilt, or for them to send your out to rebuild. Yep, just about more than the car’s worth.

Leaks don’t matter, just ask Honda and Toyota. Really the Honda/Toyota problem is related to incorrect fluid, or more correctly, fluid missing some properties.

Try Most boneyards will ship to your home

Of course, you could just disconnect the ABS unit and live without it…The normal service brakes should work just fine…

Thanks so much for all the info. Part DOES cost more then car worth, but without it car can’t be driven, so I will continue my quest for it from junk yard, Attached is picture of part… anyone ever comes across it, I would really appreciate you letting me know.
thank you !!!

UPDATE: just found a junk yard that says they have it, but they refer to it as abs pump, and in the repair guide they refer to it as abs actuator??? are they the same thing??

Where do you live?

They should be the same thing. Could also be called a hydraulic actuator.

See if they’ll email you a picture, check if it matches.

Thank you for the info. I live on Long Island ( NY) I have asked for picture, but not too sure that’s going to happen. I have never seen a part with some many diff. ways to be referenced !!!

These early test model ABS units were usually made by Bosch and were comprised of three components…An electric high-pressure brake fluid pump which charged an “accumulator”, a reservoir for the pressurized fluid, and the ABS control unit, the part with all the brake lines connected to it…

With some of these early designs, failure of the ABS system did indeed render the car undrivable. But as the systems improved, ABS failure had no effect on the standard service brakes which continue to function normally. If your problem is fluid loss through a blown pump seal or accumulator line or seal, try removing the electrical power (pull the fuse) from the system which should stop the fluid leak and allow you to drive the car…

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It says Nippon abs ltd. on the unit, and you can actually see the brake fluid dripping out as the brakes are pumped. I also reasearched bypassing the abs altogether, but all the modification that has to be done would be too expensive. Its just that I had someone look over the car before my son spent all his money on it and I was told it looked good… then a week later the brake light comes on and we see the leak. I guess you get what you pay for ( hard lesson for a 17 yr. old)
I will try your idea of pulling the electrical power from the system and see how that works.I just have to wait until my neighbor comes home ( I don’t touch electrical stuff)
thank you for all the help :slight_smile:


If it’s a slow leak, keep adding brake fluid. The light probably came on when the fluid level dropped too low.

If it’s leaking at a connection, perhaps you can get that connection to stop leaking.

I’ve also had very good luck finding used parts on EBay. It really helps to have the part number, then you know you’re getting the right part and can search EBAY for that part number.