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Can car be changed over from abs to non abs

I have posted on here before with a leaking abs pump on my sons 1992 maxima ( first car )

Since he is on his second abs pump and that has just started to leak, I am thinking maybe we can just bypass the ABS all together. Is that possible?

Hard to say, and advising someone to change the basic function of a major safety system on a car is risky, to say the least. If it’s that much of a problem I’d get rid of the Maxima and replace it with something newer.

Depending on your state, disabling a factory safety system might be illegal.

I agree with texases. Get rid of the car unless you can find someone who can fix your pump.

Depending on your state, disabling a factory safety system might be illegal.

Even if the state does not consider it a violation, I would someone would have the owner in court real fast if they were injured in an accident that might have been prevented had the owner maintained that safety device’s function.

Since this would be driven by my 17 1/2 tear old son, I want to do the safe thing, so WILL NOT be bypassing the ABS. I just thought it would be like any other car that was not equipped with ABS, but after reading the posts I will either find a used abs pump or just take the hit on the car and junk it.
Thanks all for the input :slight_smile:

If you pull the fuse, the ABS will not function. However, since yours is leaking, I assume you meant “can you convert it back to non-ABS” Probably, though it may be a pain, depending on how the system is configured.

I don’t see how it would be illegal to not have ABS, as long as your model-year car was available without the option. It may be a gray area if all of that model car came with it–the manufacturer could argue that it is necessary to stop that model of vehicle safely.

There’s a difference between ‘illegal’ and ‘opens you up to a huge lawsuit if the car is in an accident’. OP could be sued big time if the brakes went out, had an accident, and the fact that he modified them became known.

It’s possible. Just undo the brake lines at the ABS pump and tie each brake circuit back together with a coupler is the quickest way to do it. Just make sure the right lines are coupled together. Most Asian imports of this era have the brake circuits labeled on the ABS pump for easier identification. You may need a three-way coupler for the rear brakes.

The proper way is to get a set of non-ABS brake lines and re-plumb the car. Less joints that can fail on you.

Yes, you can ‘bypass’ the ABS system altogether just by doing nothing. Eventually the pump will run dry and the dash light will light up indicating you do not have a working ABS system.

This is not really a problem. You still have full braking power, just not the ABS assist, which has always been of questionable value. I do not know if any state considers it illegal to have an ABS that no longer works. In my state, which requires annual safety inspections, a working ABS is not even on the checklist.

There are many older cars on the road that no longer have working ABS assists. When the ABS ages out they decide it’s not worth the cost of repairs to fix 'em. To my mind at least, this is a reasonable policy.

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Ummm, typically the leaks are not from lubricant of the pump motor, but internal seals leaking brake fluid. Let the brake fluid run dry, and you have no brakes.

I have not found ABS to be an improvement. You cannot even stop as quickly on dry pavement.

You are correct. The brake fluid goes through the ABS, so as it leaks the fluid runs low in the entire car, and eventually you have no brakes. It is just very frustrating because other then this issue the car runs great. ABS was an option on this car, sadly the original owner took it.

I would replace the pump and make sure to replace the brake fluid every 2 years.

You should be able to find lots of pumps in salvage yard for a 1992. Don’t try to rig something, you’ll regret it, IMHO. Rocketman

Yes, it is possible and it wouldn’t be that hard for someone experienced in repairing brake lines. The problem is finding someone that would do it.

I have requests at a few salvage yards for a pump, so hopefully that will work out. I am just wondering if they just inherently leak or could it be that they are being put in wrong? or maybe the modulator ( located in the trunk ) needs to be replaced also??? The leak is definitely coming from the pump…

If the pump is leaking replace pump and go from there. Its provably the only problem

Wesley, I doubt if the person even still has the vehicle after 8 years.

This might be a record for most-dead post ever revived. :smiley:
Welcome to the forums, Wesley!