Cadillac ABS Pump Valve Assemb

I have a 1995 Cadillac Sedan DeVille with a 4.9 engine and 104,000 miles on it.My ABS light comes on (just sometimes). The dealer says I need to replace the ABS Pump Valve Assembly. That part is $1840.00!! Anyone with suggestions on maybe something else to remedy this other than removing the light bulb?

You might check with an independent shop or with a major parts store to see if a rebuilt unit is available. I think I have heard that some companies are rebuilding these. This car is 12 years old so there must be rebuildable cores available is the recycling yards. Alternately, you might try to get used one from a recycling yard. I would be hesistant to do this as it is very likely you will just replace the bad one for one that will fail shortly.

Let us know how you resolve this replacement.

Check E-bay. in the search window, “Cadillac ABS pump” and see what you can find.

Caddy came out with ABS in 1987. It was a crude system that, if the pump failed, you suffered a complete loss of brakes. Many lawsuits. But your system is more like the ones used today, so all you will lose is the ABS function. You should be able to find a rebuilt pump for a reasonable price. First, you might TRY having your brake fluid flushed (changed). Can’t hurt anything…If you find a pump, any decent shop can install it for you…Stay away from the dealer!