Hard starting fordtbd

My 93 tbd sc will not start very well after driving it for 15-20 minutes and cutting it off and trying to restart. Pressing the accel pedal all the way down or pumping the pedal makes it worse. When the engine does start, a small cloud oi light gray smoke is emitted.

Otherwise, the engine runs fine. The local Ford dealer is no help.Help!

You should never press the gas pedal or pump it when starting an EFI car. The computer will handle all that for you. If it seems like it is flooding, I would suspect a leaking or stuck injector. Maybe a professional fuel injector cleaning can fix it.

On most EFI systems putting the gas pedal to the floor will clear a flooded condition. The computer senses the full throttle condition and cuts the injection pulse so an overly rich, fuel saturated intake system can be cleared. When doing this you will get the same reaction as with the unloader on a carburated car, i.e. intermittant fires, then running barely, and then a throaty rev. Check in your operator’s manual to see if this is available on your engine.

If as BustedKnuckles suspects you have a leaking injector, you may not be able to clear the flood because the leak of that injector is not under the control of the PCM. The nonleaking injectors will be too lean while the leaking one will still be flooding that cylinder.

One way to diagnosis a leaking injector is to put a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail and monitor the pressure just after the warm engine is shut off. If an injector is leaking the pressure will slowly fall.

Hope that helps.