Hard to Start/Drive for a while, ok once going a bit



I have a 2000 Ford Ranger, Split 4, 2.3 liter? and recently when I go to start it, it will not start with the ignition alone. Once a press the pedal, it starts but I have to keep pressing for a while then gradually let off to idle. Sometimes this isn’t enough and I have to throw it into gear and run lights/signs to get on a straight stretch for awhile, then it’s ok. Has been sluggish on gas mileage and driving for a while even after tune up. In 01’ I got 350 mpg not abt 280. Got any ideas. Brother in law thinks its the fuel pump. With the pressing of the gas i am not so sure. Also, it seems worse in hot weather when I am done with work.


I think that even with only 280 mpg you should hide that car as the oil companies will want it and you’re life to keep you quiet about it, that must be an update of one of those 100 mpg carbs from the 60’s.

Try cycling the ignition a few times (turn it on for about 20 seconde then off and back on) and see if that helps.  If so have the fuel pump checked.  Or you could just have the fuel pump checked.

 Having someone check to see if any error codes are stored would also be a good idea.  Some places will do that for free.


Try checking the fuel pressure regulator for leakage. It might not be the fuel pressure regulator but checking it is simple and costs nothing. If it leaks, it will dump raw fuel directly into the intake manifold. When you shut off the engine, residual system fuel pressure will push fuel into the intake manifold and cause a rich/flooded condition the next time you try to start it. Pull the vacuum hose from the regulator and check for the presence of fuel. If there is any at all, replace the regulator. You can also hook up a hand vacuum pump to the regulator to test for leaks.

In the meantime, try starting the car as if it was flooded (if I’m correct, it actually is). That is, floor the accelerator pedal while you crank the engine. With the throttle wide open, it will help to clear the cylinders of excess fuel. Release the pedal once it starts.


i just had an idle air control valve on a ford cause similar symptoms.


So pressing down all the way on the gas even on a fuel injection system is ok?


Sorry, guess that should have been mpt (miles per tank).