i have a friend with a 1994 geo tracker.this car is fuel injected.sometimes when crank it the thing acts like its flooded and wont crank .whats causing this?

You crank the engine and it won’t start. You might be correct about the flooding. To clear a flooded engine, hold the gas pedal to the floor while cranking the engine. As (if) the engine starts, ease up on the gas pedal.

Can I interpret from this that it’s hard to start and eventually stumbles to a start if you keep trying?

It could be flooding (if so I’d suspect a bad injector allowing gas to flow freely into the throttle body or perhaps a bad fuel pressure regulator), but it could also be an ignition problem.

It’s also possible that the fuel s flowing back into the tank when the car sits. Try turning the key to “on” rather than “start” a few times for 4 seconds each to allow the pump to fill and pressurize the line. If the problem goes away, If that works, then the line is draining. For this to happen you need a leaky check valve and a leaky injector. Without a path for air to enter the line the line would stay full like soda in a straw when you cap it with your finger and pull ot up out of the glass.

It could also be a bad temp sensor. Is it happening under sny specific conditions, like only when the engine is cold?