Car sputting

1996 Ford Taurus 3.0L EFI DOHC 6cyl…everytime i try to start the car it want start less i puss on the gas padle…then its start to sputter realy bad then dies…i put new spark plugs in and new spark plug wires…i do hear the fuel pump turn on…car has about 147000 miles

Pushing the gas pedal to the floor signals the computer to not fire the fuel injectors to clear a flooded condition. If this works, you may have a leaking injector. The easiest way to find it is to pull the plugs before you try to start one morning and look for the wet plug.

when i try to start the car it won’t start and when i push on gas it’s start right up and i keep pushing on gas the car stills sputter then dies

i check the spark plugs and thay was not wet

Recommend not overfilling your gas tank. At the first click, stop, otherwise u are flooding excess gas down to your charcoal canister, thereby flooding out your fuel system. Never try to overfill your gas tank. Further, I would recommend replacing the fuel pump relay and switching to a top tier line of gas and cleaning the trottle body and IAC with the proper throttle body cleaner. Add a can of BG-44K into the gas tank during fill-up. Take this & call me in the morning.

i replace the spark plugs about 2 days ago and the spark plugs are black

How old is the fuel filter? I also agree with gmc g2500 on his points. I will only use non ethynol fuel in my vehicles but that’s not always possible in many areas.

i put new fuel filter on 2 day ago…but i have not drive the car…and i dont kno why my new spark plugs are black

i did clean trottle body and IAC

i do have check engine light on but no codes

Black could be a fuel problem as stated previously, letting it go too long may cause catalytic converter trouble.

well i find out what was wrong with car it was ignition coil and i change it and now the car runs great thanks dad

Thanks for letting us know what was wrong. Consider getting your shift and punctuation keys fixed next. Sorry, it’s just very hard to read when the question and comments look like a text message.

Oblivion–It’s not just, “text speak”.
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