Problem starting


Truck is 1993 Ford F-150. Was running fine for years since replacing the pressure relief valve due to Ford recall in Dec. 2001. At that time I had problem with intermittent starting. No problems until a week ago when I encountered similar situation where it would not start but later that day it did start and ran without hesitation . Next morning, it would turn over strongly but not start. I changed the fuel filter which appeared to be somewhat blocked. That was Sat. The truck started right up and ran well until Tues. night when it died while I was pulling into a local store parking lot. Any responses as to a cause of this problem are greatly appreciated. Could the pressure relief valve go bad again? How about the fuel pump? would the pump just work sometimes and not other times? Thank you for any help.


Yes, but on a 1993 it could be a failing fuel pump as well as just about anything in teh ignition system. The good news is that it appaperntly is not the starter, the battery or charging system, sensors that would typically cause other operating problems (don’t discount the temp sensor, however), or the fuel filter! If it’s throttle body injected it could even be a sticky injector.

Have you checked the fuel line pressure?