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Happy 240th Birthday America!

Just want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Independence Day. To me, the 4th of July is a celebration of the ideals upon which our nation was founded. Like any human endeavor, it’s not perfect, but I believe it gives the most people the best chance at a good life. Celebrate that good life with your family and friends. Remember this is the nation that produced the Moon Buggy for crying out loud!! (car relevant reference)

Happy Birthday to the world’s most successful democracy.

Happy Independence day! Use sunscreen and don’t blow off any fingers and toes.

We live in the first country to do donuts with a CAR on the Moon! Moon Hoon! We weren’t the inventor of the car but ol’ Henry was the first to make them affordable to the masses. Stuck in traffic? Blame Henry Ford, but thank him too, because it formed the foundation for the industrial might that is the US of A still building 11.6 million cars in the US a year.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Happy 4th. Let us take a moment today to thank the estimated 25,000 patriots that gave their lives for our freedom, and the brave and insightful founders that created a government designed to protect it.

Sunscreen? We don’t need no stinkin’ sunscreen…

It’s cloudy and cool here today, with rain likely at dusk. I’m going to have a great day anyway, and I hope you all do too.

Thanks @Mustangman ,but you are a day late. I went fishing yesterday and the tops of my thighs are a nice cherry red today. I couldn’t get onto my favorite three fishing lakes…every spot at the public launches were full. Finally settled on a little lake where I only caught little ones…not a keeper in the bunch.

It was a nice day though.

Many thanks to those who risked their lives, and those that gave the ultimate price for freedom…their lives.
We all should stop to think of them and the struggle they endured.


Does anybody happen to know what company manufactured the special tires for that moon buggy

I used to know, but I forgot :frowning:

Happy 4th . . . !

Please don’t start any fires . . . or fistfights . . . with your bottle rockets and such things

Here in Los Angeles, it’s very dry, and there’s some concern about fireworks starting off yet another large fire

Agree with all. Happy 4th to all. Me, for one am more than ever appreciative to this country because I left a crazy world behind and as much as the crazy wants to chase me/us, we will fight them.

I need to do 2 oil changes, one car wash, one tire rotation (might need a new pair anyway). But all can wait until after the 4th.

Yes, let’s reflect on what makes this country special. There are some who see a border-less world as a good thing but the price for that is the demise of the uniqueness of the nation. Flags are out so let’s remember those who fought and died to keep this nation special. It’s more than beer and fireworks.

Back to cars. Coming back from New York Saturday, I convinced the wife that we should take in the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana. It was really a fun event and the museum is very well done. They also had displays for the South Bend lathe and Oliver plow and tractor. Its a little sad though seeing these power-house industries that are no more for one reason or another. Highly recommend spending a few hours there if you get the chance and if you are over 60, it’s only $6.50 and free parking.

I love this country

And I agree it is unique

Part of the reason is because of the makeup of this country. If you think about, this country was pretty much made great by immigrants. I’m one, and so are some of the others on this forum

Now is not the time to exclude them

That is hateful AND hypocrisy

I’d like to think this country is much better than that

I agree . . . let’s keep this nation special

And part of that means being inclusive

To keep it car-related . . . are any of you guys showing your cars in any local parades today?

“I convinced the wife that we should take in the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana”

That is on my bucket list!

Next time you pass through Northern Indiana, the Auburn Cord Deusenburg Museum is right on the way. It is in Auburn, IN, not far from Toledo.