Happy independence day



Happy 4th of July everyone…

It was nice last night, as HOT as it has been with the temps in the mid to high 90’s with the heat index in the 102-108 mark the last few weeks, we still had a slip and slide with a constant water supply for the grandkids, the city put on a 45 minute huge Fireworks show (twice a year) that we can see from our house and neighbors shooting fireworks off for the last week here and there, and tonight people will be shooting all kinds of expensive fireworks off also…

In comparison, it was much hotter July 4th 2012, the ambient temp was 105F sand the heat index was over110F… It was even hotter a few days later… I remember it well, as my wifey evidently didn’t think it was hot enough, so she caught the kitchen on fire… :rofl:

Be safe everyone…


Raining here. Some decided to do the fireworks yesterday when the weather was nice. I saw Nashville hit the weather news this morning but didn’t catch if it was the heat or hurricane coming in.

I hear all these record setting heat conversations and think where have I been. It was June, 1974 and we had spent a few hours over the border in Lora do. It was 104. I had a new car, and it took at least 100 miles heading north with the ac on full blast to get the car comfortable.

Drink plenty of fluids, use sunscreen and don’t blow off any appendages you’d like to keep!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!


I want to see a “show of hands” tomorrow. :smiley:

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Yeah been careful. Fireworks used to be illegal in minnesota for our own good. One guy sold them under the counter at his convenience store. Every year he would get fined $50 for illegal sales and the next year he’d do the same thing. It usually took the police until after the 4th to discover him and shut him down. We were always careful.

Here you’re not allowed to use fireworks in the city limits but out in the county it’s allowed on July 3rd and 4th, I’m in the city of Olympia and been hearing fireworks all last night and most of the day today. Several 50’s and 60’s cars out cruising together.

Our big summer fireworks show is closer to the end of the month when they close out Lakefair. Which will include a car show along the lake and a parade.

It’s funny, in Davidson County and Metro Nashville, it is illegal to both use and sell fireworks without a permit but in most of the rest of the county’s around Davidson County and most of middle TN at least, it is generally allowed in the county’s with some city restrictions on hours, so the ones that want to buy fireworks just drive a few miles and buy fireworks at every exit that has a place big enough to put up a large tent and sell them… Luckily I live outside of Davidson County… And we got to see even more firework being shot off close by… Obviously if we are in a drought and a fire could easily spread then they are banned…

It’s like that here too. Fireworks are illegal to use and sell in MD but not PA. The last couple of weeks we received ads through snail mail for a fireworks store on the PA/MD line in Shrewsbury. It’s as close as you can get to Baltimore and still be in PA. No, I didn’t go. Setting off fireworks doesn’t interest me anymore, especially since I live next to a state park. Tall trees, lots of undergrowth, could be huge fires.

It’s the same in NJ, and as a result, there are a bunch of fireworks stores just over the border when you cross into PA from NJ. Conversely, since recreational cannabis is legal in NJ, but not in PA, there are quite a few huge billboards in PA, advertising the closest cannabis shops in NJ.

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Are there appendages you DON’T want to keep?

ILLEGAL Fireworks were going off all around me last night. Didn’t hear any sirens - so I guess they didn’t blow off any of the ones they needed.

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Well, I wouldn’t want to assume anything! :laughing: Remember… Florida Man!

Fireworks are legal here but not on the beach. We went with friends to see a show we could see from the beach.

Generation Z problem. We boomers in Eastern PA would drive to NJ to get alcohol before we turned 21. There were bars just across the bridge in Phillipsburg to serve us. Eventually we found bars that would serve us in PA and didn’t make the drive. You could tell when the LCB was on the prowl because our usual haunts were carding. One time there were about 8 of us sitting at a table in a bar and the waitress carded us, starting with the guy next to me. She checked everyone, and all were 21 or older. Then she came to me and walked away. I was 20. I guess she forgot where she started. Anyway, thy other guys groused about how everyone but the underage guy were carded. Not too loud though.

I guess that I’m older than you, because when I was in high school and college, we used to drive to NY, where the drinking age was 18. NJ’s age at that time for drinking was 21, and–IIRC–it wasn’t lowered to 18 until the early '70s.

Remember the guy with the eye patch and missing 3 fingers sells the best Fireworks!

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A couple of nights ago, a 66 year old man on Long Island lost his left hand, plus 3 fingers of his right hand, due to a fireworks accident. Somehow, I doubt if he will want to have anything to do with pyrotechnicsfrom now on.

My brother in law bought $650 worth of fireworks last night and lit them in the front of his driveway. He and his wife do this annually, and the kids enjoy it.

I also enjoy it. It’s a nice celebration of our “ Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776*

My Dad, a recent naturalized USA citizen likes the fireworks. I asked him if he knows the reason why the Americans celebrate this particular day, and he answered with bold confidence “ To celebrate prison “

lol. Dad does not like living here in the USA, and if he had a choice, he would rather be home in Jamaica. For him, the USA isn’t the land of the free. He too can’t get a license due to reading problems . The neighbors don’t invite him over like they do in Jamaica. Nobody talks to him here, and he feels suffocated by the culture.

So when he said July 4th celebration was about celebrating prison, we all cracked up laughing and spilling our drinks.

Surely everyone knew that was meant as a joke, and yes, fireworks can be dangerous and you have to know what you are doing, accidents do happen, and we can only speculate as to what really happened as I didn’t read why/how his accident happened, but more often then not alcohol and or drugs, yes even pot/weed is involved and people (will) get hurt…

I have played with fireworks for most of my life and you don’t almost blow both hands off by holding a small basic bottle rocket in your hand and lighting it, that takes something much bigger that either had a short fuse, or something really big that says not to hold and it was held anyway and he paid the price…

Of course, I realized that it was a joke.
I just wanted to introduce some reality to the discussion.

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And it was 1970 when we drover to Phillipsburg. I went with a friend from NJ and I don’t recall him saying the drinking age just changed, but that was a long time ago.