Hands free liftgate


Call us weird, but we’re rather excited for the 2012 Ford C-Max to launch here in the United States. The majority of today’s minivans are anything but, and as more people look to downsize and seek out the most efficient vehicles to fit their lifestyles, small MPVs have a real chance to succeed here in the U.S.

Ford is bringing the heat by fitting its C-Max with an innovative new hands-free power liftgate, which automatically opens when the driver waves their foot under the rear bumper. Yes, you need to have the vehicle’s key fob within range, and we’re honestly surprised that no one thought of this sooner (okay, so maybe BMW announced that it’s coming to the 5 Series, but shouldn’t the Honda Odyssey have this by now?) In any case, you can see how easy opening the 2012 C-Max’s liftgate can be by watching the video after the jump.

Another idea that might seem silly, but also makes you think “now why didn’t I think of that?”

It’s another function that will soon have mal in front of it.