2019 Ford Escape - Gate will not latch

Same problem as kfadler above: lift gate won’t latch after lowering. Have taken my 2 2019 Escapes to a dealership many times with no positive results. The lift gate supposedly always latches for them. Yes, I bought 2 of these lemons!

Lemon is a specific legal term when applied to cars. Your state defines how screwed up your car has to be and how many times the dealer has tried and failed to fix it to make it a lemon.

I suggest you seach for your state’s lemon laws and what redress Ford must do for you if your cars fit that definition. Or hire a lawyer that specilizes in lemon law to do it for you.

Or sell the cars. Life is too short to put up with that.


However, “lemons” are typically new–or nearly new–vehicles. If there is a particular state’s Lemon Law that allows one to pursue one of those claims on a 3 year old vehicle, I am not aware of it.

Additionally, those statutes typically state that the defect in question has to be one that “materially affects the safety or drivability” of the vehicle. Somehow, I doubt that the lift gate’s latch fits that restriction. But, some research on the OP’s part will allow him/her to see the specific details as pertaining to his/her state.


Try a body shop. Misaligned and removed and replaced parts are their forte.


I would consider trying to move the striker pin a hair by adjusting it and/or some lubricant (Not WD-40) on the latch mechanism. A tiny bit of movement or free operation can make a world of difference.

All cars suffer body flex while moving and over time various things such as rear hatches, doors, etc, can get out of adjustment. Latches can become sticky due to fine dust being generated, thrown up, and actually pulled up against the rear of a vehicle due to the low pressure area generated while it is moving.


I had problems with the trunk lock mechanism sticking open on a couple of cars in the past and spray lube fixed it. I had to exercise the mechanism manually a few times to work the lube in, but it solved the problem.

What I don’t understand is why both vehicles are having this problem but it can’t be duplicated at the dealer at all .



… or why the dealership seems to be ignorant of the relevant Ford Service Bulletin that Tester posted…