Group Therapy Session Needed... Assemble the Council

Aw man… Guys, Gals… someone try to talk me down (Do I want to be talked down? Undetermined at present). Blackbird is about to get into another thicket methinks…

When I was a kid one of our family cars was a 67’ Dodge Coronet 440 2door with Black Vinyl top, Metallic Mint Green and a 318. I learned to love that car as I drove it many times far far before my 16th B day and did much fantasy driving and race winning behind the wheel of that automobile in my driveway. SO, there is a long dormant Mopar virus that I know I still carry. I think something is starting to awaken and I’m feeling Woozy…

We were just talking about car notes and or about financing vehicles… For me this wouldn’t fit into that category either but it sure does fit into a different sort of financial category now doesn’t it? It’s never really only about the purchase price in these situations is it? I haven’t even gotten a chance to speak to the owner yet, but I know that I’m smitten and predisposed to the 1967 strain of Moparicus Vehiculosus. So we can all easily see where this might be headed if negotiations commence.

Admittedly ALL of this is very premature of course but I thought that just for kicks I would seek the wise Counsel of the “Circus De Car-Talk-it-to-us”.

What say thee oh wise ones? Look like a worthy candidate? (I know what I think) Significant enough of an auto to throw caution to the wind? Any Mopar stories? Charger stories?

Got a similar “conundrum whether to buy or pass on a classic in need” story or situation to share?

Why do you even care what other people think about this vehicle purchase ? It is your money , and apparently you can repair most of what might go wrong . Plus how you pay for it is no ones business.

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There is a world of less rewarding but more financially foolish ways to spend free time.

BTW, do you have a shop large enough to handle such a project? If so I say go for it and post your progress.


True @VOLVO_V70 I suppose you are correct. I guess I was more looking for opinions of this year make and model (or close to same year) maybe.

Stories you guys may have had about wrestling with the decision to buy or pass on a classic car needing work. Your stories of the hunt for or discovery of a candidate similar to this… That sort of thing.

Less whether what people care about this actual purchase… Just similar stories you guys may have had… using this example as a springboard for memories I guess.

I know… maybe this was a stupid idea… I just wanted to spark discussion on this topic as many of you guys probably have interesting tales to tell… Ok ok…stupid idea… LOL Sorry

At present I am ill equipped to take this sort of a project on… too many irons in the fire …too many pending transitions as well @Rod_Knox

But that never seems to stop that rush of ideas and Day Dreaming you get when confronted with something that for whatever particular reason makes your mind race with possibilities and or piques your interest. In the end…it may just be day dreaming, this one probably is… I cant be the only one who falls victim to this… am I ?

Keep in mind that I am an actual verified idiot… I have an eternal weakness for machines and or projects. Not to worry however, from the start I have alerted several friends that are in a much better place to be able to take this on.

I’m definitely day dreaming…and in some way still trying to figure out some way to pull it off… lol Just wanted to hear similar stories

With that twin snorkel air cleaner is it a 440?
I liked it until I saw all the rust on the lower portions of the sheet metal.
As far as mid-full size fastbacks, I want a 67 Marlin.

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I had a 67 Coronet (318). I have had many cars, and that ranks near the top
for ones I would like to have now. I don’t like the fastback, and the rust scares me. So it goes.

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Better do it while you still have the energy. A couple years ago I looked at a 61 Corvair at the car show for sale and thought it would be fun to have again. Then I looked a little closer at the dual carbs, fan belt, etc. and it all started coming back to me. No thanks. I walked away a happy man with pictures.

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Guess I need a bigger screen, where do you see the rust? the chrome looks good to me, American pickers say if you see something special buy it, (paraphrase)

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There’s rust on the rear quarters down low… where the rear tires throw the road salt…

Well I had a 68 Dart with a 318. I liked the car and it was solid but still things like brakes and trying to get the points set etc. just wasn’t much fun. Still OK then but the start of CC’s long slide. I bought GM next.

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As a die-hard Mopar enthusiast I would be salivating all over that Charger., There are not many of those around anymore as back in the day that model of Charger was not that popular. It took the 68 models to boost the Dodge adrenaline a bit.

I’ve owned a number of Mopar B Bodies so I have a special affinity for them. That one I’d float a loan for because if the price is right it will never depreciate. Talk you down? Never in a million years on that one.


Wow. That takes me back. I had a 66 Coronet sedan when I was in college. Mint green metallic with, naturally, a 318. It needed a valve job when I sold it but I still have fond memories. No advice though.

Looks like a solid car. Poke around with a screwdriver to find the soft spots. Peel back the trunk floor and carpets. If the floors and trunk are as solid as the rest of it looks… could be a nice driver. Mechanicals… you can handle that. Rust is the wildcard.

If you can make room in your life and the owner doesn’t want a big bucket of gold… go for it.


For every car out there in a field or barn there is someone who craves putting it back the way it was and enjoying it @Honda_Blackbird. Done well your Charger could be a grand ride.


Are there strong indications that the current owner is looking to sell . . . ?!

Is the current owner ill and therefore might be forced to sell . . . ?!

Or is this simply a case of showing up with an obscene amount of money, and all of a sudden he’s motivated to sell, even though he had no plans to 5 minutes ago . . . ?!

How did you get the pictures . . . ?

Are they posted as part of an ad . . . ?

Or are you well enough acquainted with the owner, that you are over at his place quite often . . . ?

Is the car currently running?

To the average person I would say walk away. But you have the knowledge, skills and resources to pull this off. The 318 was a solid engine. If I mis understood and it is the 440, that is an awesome engine. If you do not get it you will regret it for a long time. If you do get it and have to sit on it till some of your baggage clears up, you have something way cool to look forward to.


Just looking at the pics some more and it sure looks like it has been restored-at least body wise. Looks like new professional paint, chrome re-done, new glass, etc. for everything on the outside. But still had the drive train to do. Gonna need a new coolant tank. I was looking for the windshield washer bag. Not all had them but would have had the bulb on the floor. I actually preferred that because you didn’t waste so much.

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The valve covers look like big block 383-440, rather than a 318.

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If I remember right the distributer being in front tell’s me it is a big block I know on the 318 it is in the rear.