Groaning and Creaking

I have a 1991 Toyota Corolla Wagon (150,000 miles) with noise coming from right front wheel well. My car is making groaning and creaking noises like the hinges of an old wooden door. CV joints serviced <5000 miles and the boots are clean and intact. There is no clicking noises during a turn Left or Right. Bouncing the right front corner does not replicate the sounds, tho’ there is some slight squeeking noise not heard from the shocks/struts in the other corners. The sound is NOT heard in the morning going to work, but is very noticeable driving home at 5pm. I notice the sound going downhill at 35 mph, but goes away with light braking, Going over railroad tracks does not affect the noises. I’m thinking this could be worn bushings, strut mounts or who knows what? Any suggestions?

The sound going away with light braking indicates a brake or wheel bearing problem, both potentially very urgent. Get it checked out ASAP!