Creaky noise when I step on brake?

For the past three years, I’ve been confused as to what this creaky-door-hinge type noise coming from the front left tire is. It only happens when braking, particularly at low speeds like braking at a stop sign or parking lot, and is especially loud during cold mornings and tends to disappear at random times throughout the day.
I just had the lower control arm replaced and the noise still persists. Mechanic said it’s the shocks/struts that need replacing. Is it a suspension issue? I’ve tried the bounce-the-car-up-and-down method to check but there’s hardly any bounce.
Below is a link to the sound I uploaded to youtube, if you have a moment please have a listen.

Thanks for any feedback.

Sounds a lot like a worned ball joint

Did you inspect the struts. A bad strut will usually leak it’s oil. A wet strut would be a sure sign of need for replacement.
@COROLLAGUY1 also came up with a good culprit too.


…and, as that old saying tells us, Forewarned is forearmed.

So, it doesn’t happen when stopped, right?

I’m guessing the same as your mechanic, strut problem. The strut may still be working ok, just doing a little squeaking. Testing struts using the bounce test on all four corners doesn’t seem to be as effective with newer cars than cars 20 years or older for some reason. Something to do w/strut design advancements maybe?

If you wonder why it doesn’t make the same squeak when you do the bounce test, the answer might be that the movement is different comparing a static bounce test, which is all vertical, vs the forward and downward movement that occurs when the wheels stop but the body keeps moving forward during a normal stop.

I’m having the same issue at all four wheels. Did you ever get a fix for this?