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Grinding noise coming from the back on the right side

I have a Honda CRV 2008 with 75,000 miles on it. There is this grinding/rubbing noise coming from the right back side of the car. I hear it when I accelerate and it goes away when I slow down. What could it be?

could be wheel bearings, break pads not retracting completely and dragging on the rotor or maybe a dead raccoon dragging on the ground.

Thank you Kurtwm2010. People are telling me it might be the rear differential.
The car is only 8 years old, 75,00miles. I changed the differential fluid but the noise didn’t go away.

you could raise the rear of the car and try spinning the wheel as fast as you can. If it’s the bearings there is a good chance you can hear the noise. Make sure you block the front tires, because the parking break needs to be released, and keep your hands out from under the tire.

If I could hear the noise while spinning, does it screen out differential issues. What are the symptoms of differential problems.

if you hear the noise while spinning, it’s almost for certain the wheel bearings are on their way out

Thank you and I am sure bearings are less expensive than replacing the whole differential.

~$70 for the hub assembly and 2 hours of work…all day if I do it.

Thank you for the good news. :slight_smile:

Is yours AWD or FWD? Most around here are FWD, which means no rear differential or axle.

Edit - missed the ‘I changed the differential fluid’.

but I’m with Kurt, more likely the wheel bearing, if the noise is from the side, rather the center. But the brakes are also worth a check.

you are not out of the woods yet. It still could be the transfer case if the wheel bearings turn out to be good. Contaminated fluids or a low fluid level could produce a rubbing sort of noise. If that is the case, I suggest at a fluid change first as soon as possible.

Did you use the “genuine” stuff?
Using any lubricant other than Honda’s proprietary Dual-Pump Fluid will lead to all sorts of problems.