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2020 GMC Acadia - LEDs and glare

not about my car but others: I thought LED headlights were illegal. Why am I seeing more and more cars with these lights that hurt my eyes at night?

You thought wrong. They are legal. Some aftermarket light kits are awful, but still legal.

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I had just looked my car over yesterday before I take it for inspection and noticed it has led taillights. It is a 2012 Camry I bought new! I guess I usually checked the rear lights backed uo against the garage door so I could check them by their reflection but it was just too sunny to do that.

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One reason we all are being blinded by LEDs is that they are powerful lights, but are being used in a dumb way in the U.S. In other places, the LEDs are smart and they do not blind the other drivers. Check this out:


It really has gotten to the point where they are very dangerous . They are not just mildly bright they are blinding to oncoming traffic and are specially dangerous on 2 lane roads . There need to be some regulations governing how these are used .

I’ll second the notion that many of the newer cars use headlights that are considerably too bright, to the point of being unsafe imo. These overly bright headlights make it more difficult for oncoming drivers to see potential problems in and along-side the roadway. The older cars with the yellowish headlights don’t cause this problem anywhere near as much. I guess the counter-argument is the bright headlights make it easier for the driver of the car with the bright headlights to see the roadway.