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Color Lights Interior to Car, are they ok?

I live in USA in the state of CT.

Are there laws on the color of interior lights? Like if I used a color LED for the door light, that only turns on while the door is open and the car is not moving, I assume I’m fine? I can use any color light bulb on my dash I presume, because it’s also a light that is not visible to other drivers?

State laws don’t cover interior lights as far as I know. They cover the exterior lights, not the interior.

You could google this, too. Conneticut very likely posts this online.

If this is the 15 year old 150000 mile Camry you may have to get LED bulbs to have the color you want . What are you going to do if they are not compatible as other people have found out on older vehicles ? Some how this just does not seem like a good idea .
Buy a Kia Soul that has the color changing LED lights that react to the music .

Don’t come here complaining about all the noise coming from your speakers after you do this.

No laws that I know of but speaking of loud speakers, if you think cars are expensive, check out the price of hearing aids.

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If by door light you mean a light on the door that is there to warn traffic behind you that you have opened the door and is visible to them, that has to be red.

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Puddle lights don’t have to be red. They’re usually white. And since the door is open when they’re in use, the radio is rarely on simultaneously.

The dash light is a different story, unless you’re talking about re-coloring your gauge cluster - no one in authority cares what color your gauges are.

If you’re looking to put accent lighting on top of your dash, first off, don’t because it will reflect in the windshield and cause glare at night. And second, if it’s visible at all from outside the car, it’s often restricted as to what colors it can display - usually dependent on what color lights emergency vehicles in your state use.

What? (The response I get from my wife when I tell her my hearing aid batteries are dead)

And, in fact, one of the features of late-model Mustangs is the ability to choose a specific color for the gauge/panel lighting with the flick of a switch.

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I had this rental car (some cheap small (I think Chryco)) about 5 years ago. It was very very basic. No tech features what-so-ever. AM/FM (no cd or dvd). No tilt steering wheel, manual seats. But it did have the ability to change the color of the dash lights. Why they made that a priority I’ll never know. What a dumb feature to add.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards section on vehicle lighting regulations (FMVSS 108) make no mention, that I see, of door or interior lighting for passenger vehicles.

The door “courtesy” lights on my Toyota Avalon are white. On my Celica, they’re red.