Great cars for short people

So, I love my highlander…but have a good friend who needs to buy a new car, but with these caveats…she is short, needs to use a cushion for back support, and really needs to have the seat straight up for the best support…However, every car she has tried has NO HEADROOM. She ends up pushed practically right to the windshield and that can’t be safe, can it? And the sedans she has tried…and we have tried almost all of them, all have that aerodynamically engineered front windshield that goes half way up the roof of the car…so she is literally right there on the shield…one of the cars that is marginally OK, is the Ford C-Max…but…any thoughts out there???S

Have you looked at a Scion xB? It has a boxy shape and a relatively vertical windshield.

Also, the “new” VW beetle had a quite high roofline and accommodated very tall people, but the recent redesign squashed the roofline somewhat. But even so, it might still have enough headroom/windshield clearance for your friend.

You might look at a Mini Cooper, too.

This really comes down to the individual fit, going to several dealers and trying out a number of cars is the best way to find out.

I have MILES of headroom in my 2005 Camry

Two things to look for: power seats and movable pedals. Power seats that adjust forward/back and up/down and adjustable pedals offer the best opportunity for short or tall people to fit into cars or SUVs that they otherwise might not fit into. My SIL is 4’11" and used to drive a Chrysler Town and Country without problem. Her 6’5" husband drove it comfortably too. Chrysler still sells the T&C. She might check one out.

The Nissan Cube also has a relatively vertical windshield like the Scion xB.

And the Kia Soul…

I not sure why a car for a short person needs a lot of head room. What’s that about?

Back in the day, the Asian car makers were infamous for making cars that didn’t fit tall people. They’re doing better now, but these cars still need to be able to accommodate Asian people (not the Russians - the other Asian people), who tend to have a shorter average height in their populace.

So I would look at smallish Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, Kias, Hyundais, Scions, etc. You’re not as likely to find a good fit among German and American makes. It should be easier to make small Asian cars fit vertically-challenged people.

My mother is just under 5 ft, and she drove a Honda Fit with no problem. She sat on a pillow, too.


How about a small truck?

Trucks often have fairly vertical windshields

Not the headroom, it’s the room between the face and windshield that the OP is concerned with.

Back in the day, the Asian car makers were infamous for making cars that didn't fit tall people.

In 1990 I bought my first SUV. I wanted a 4door and looked at the new Pathfinder and Toyota 4runner. I could barely fit in the 4runner. It was small. The Pathfinder fit fine. And now I own a 4runner which I fit fine in. But the runner built 23 years ago has probably 4-6" LESS leg room then the 4runner of today.

And waaaaay ‘back in the day’ I’d try and fit into, say, a Datsun B210 or a Corolla…not much luck. Toyota took a major leap with the '91 Camry, it had LOTS of room, forced Honda to start increasing the Accord’s size.

I’m short too but just because a car is small or large doesn’t mean it fits small or large people better. It all depends on the design. Power seats is a must and tilt and telescopic steering helps.

Any convertible will do. I’m thinking of a Miata. Especially true if we interpret the post as; “great cars” for short people.